Benefits Of Being A Beachbody Coach


Save 25% on ALL Beachbody Products – This includes every single workout program, nutritional supplement, and piece of workout equipment that beachbody offers.

Earn 25% commission on products you recommended to peopleRemember you are not here to sell products but to help people achieve their goals. You are however selling results! The more people you help the more money you will make. People talk and when they share their positive experience with you as their coach your business expands instantly!

Two customizable websites hosted by Beachbody - These sites provide a portal for your customers to order the products your recommending. Don't worry, you don't need to be a web developer to take advantage of this! Making changes is quick and easy and you always have a professional site to share. Popular places coach's share these links are on facebook, craigslist, myspace, twitter, and business cards.

View My Sites As Examples:

Coach Drew's Team Beachbody Site

Coach Drew's Shakeology Site

Coach Online Back Office – The core of your business is run from this site and includes the following features.

  • NEW! - Access to Success Magazine online content - Here you will find daily quotes, featured video, audio, and articles all geared towards furthering your own personal development and guidance towards running a successful business.
  • Website management – Customize your sites here
  • Sales & Marketing – This is a resource to all Beachbody logos, web toolkits, press releases, product tool kits, and beachbody challenge tools.
  • My Business – Includes everything you need to run your online business. Allowing you to track everything from customers and leads to your orders and earnings and more.
  • My Desk – Gives you a personal calendar, email, e-cards and contact list.
  • News & Training – Keeps you up to date with all things Beachbody.
  • Plus More!

Tax Benefits - Being and Independent Team Beachbody Coach has some unique tax benefits. You can have a great amount of savings at the end of the year by working with an accountant. Your home based business should allow you to write off portions of items like:

  • Mortgage
  • Utilities
  • Phone
  • Internet
  • Vehicle Expenditures
  • Travel
  • Dining Meetings